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Helical Piers

Atlas Pile Driving, LLC is pleased to announce that, in addition to driven concrete, we offer the installation of helical piers for those projects where driven piles would be either impractical or impossible. Helical piers offer an engineered solution to problems faced when limited access or site-sensitive restrictions apply.

The equipment required to install helical piers for residential construction is a mini excavator. Due to the small size requirement and maneuverability of the installation equipment, piers can be located in, what would otherwise be inaccessible locations.

A helical pier is self-augering and, therefore, installation is quiet and vibration free; eliminating the need for seismic monitoring and potential damage to surrounding structures. Installation is also unaffected by weather conditions that might otherwise curtail traditional crane-operated, hammer-driven pile driving activities.

A soils analysis performed by a geotechnical firm is strongly recommended to determine the ground conditions. This step assures the proper blade configuration and will allow for better estimation of pile length for your area.

Atlas is a certified dealer and installer of Magnum Piers, manufacturer of superior foundation products. Thorough engineering specifications can be viewed at their website located at www.magnumpiering.com. For additional information examining the benefits of helical pier foundations and repairs, we would also like to direct you to www.helicalpierworld.com .

Please consider this installation technique when planning any new construction, swimming pools, additions or remodeling jobs.